Business Starter Pack

Let's Get You Started!

Let's Get You Started!

This package contains all of the vital documents, forms and policies you will need to effectively manage your employees and ensure you are legally compliant. Ideal for businesses:
  • About to employ staff for the first time
  • Just starting out with a small number of employees
  • Have limited resources but recognise the importance of meeting minimum compliance requirements
Let's Get You Started!
What's Included?

What's Included?

  • Contract of Employment
  • Disciplinary Policy
  • Grievance Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy Statement
  • Offer of Employment
  • Job Description
  • Essential Forms (new starter form, new starter checklist including right to work checks, holiday request form, return to work from sickness form, probation review form and probation outcome letters) all bespoke
What's Included?

Contracts of Employment

The key document which governs the relationship between employee and employer. It is therefore important that they are well drafted and legally compliant. 

At Best, we support businesses of all shapes and sizes and as such we continue to develop employment contracts that allow you flexibility to help with any growth plans you may have, as well as unexpected business changes to avoid unnecessary difficult employee consultation processes to make changes in the future. 

Our team of HR and employment law specialists will provide you with a bespoke employment contract that helps protect you and your business regarding commercially sensitive and confidential information not only during employment but after the employment relationship has ended, giving you peace of mind that your employment contracts are legally compliant and up to date, allowing you to focus on what matters to you – your business!

Disciplinary Policy

All employers are required by law to set out their disciplinary rules and procedures in a policy accessible by the employees.

Employers must follow the ACAS Code of Practice. Failure to follow this could result in an employment tribunal case.

Grievance Policy

All employers are also legally required to set out their rules and procedures regarding Grievances this would also require a process of appeal.

And as you may have guessed, this must also fall in line with the ACAS Code. Failure to follow this code could result in any compensation being warded increased by 25%.

Health & Safety Policy

There is a legal requirement for all businesses with five or more employees to have a policy for managing health and safety.

That’s right! It’s not just a nice to have, you have a legal requirement.

If you have fewer than five employees, we recommend that you have one anyway, even a simple statement outlining how you manage H&S.

Offer of Employment

It is always a nice touch to send an Offer of Employment Letter alongside their Contract of Employment.

This can outline the benefits of working for your business and what to expect in their first few days.

If required, you can also outline any conditional elements to the offer such as pre employment checks.

Job Description

Having a clear job description allows employees to understand their duties and responsibilities that are expected of them.

It can be seen as an onerous task, but done well can support you with recruitment and people planning. 

We’ll provide you with a simple template and examples of various roles on request at no additional cost.

Other Essential Forms

For new or growing businesses, we’ll provide you with all of the essential letters and forms to get you started to use when needed.

We’ve worked with large corporate businesses and small family run businesses, so whatever your culture and needs, we will ensure that your essential documents are tailored to suit you and help you for growth if required.

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